always winter and never christmas


moomins for pon!



'We belong only to ourselves'
Porcelain w black slip, and sgraffito
Not fired yet, but it’ll just be clear glaze!
Hand built



80s Kitty Pryde and Magik by Phil Noto *

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1st time drawing on wood! These are the drawing experiments I did during the residency.

(yes, it looks like a happy face in the 2nd one haha) :)

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The shells of marine snails, especially those inhabiting the shallow depths of the tropical oceans, are often extremely colorful and have fascinated researchers for centuries. While warm colors, such as orange or red, are relatively common, intense cool colors, especially violet and blue, are uncommon in marine gastropod shells. Species showing vivid violet hues are rare, and those showing blue even more so. This image shows some of the most spectacular examples of these shells.

Find out more about this burgeoning area of research in the Journal of Molluscan Studies.

Image courtesy of Chong Chen, Department of Zoology, Merton College, University of Oxford. Do not reproduce without permission.

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*Hi! How’s your friday?* Here is one of the full comics from my VIBRATIONAL EXERCISE set of 3 mini comics. They come in a 3.5x6” coin envelope with a one of a kind collage on the front!

I originally made 100 of these at SAW in Gainesville Florida in 2012. I realized a lot of people hadn’t seen these. So - I’ve made up more! … BUY ONE HERE 

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